the Hero You Imagined Yourself Becoming Is Waiting to Be Let Out. 
-imagine going outside and knowing you don't have to hide your body or hide in pictures.
-imagine waking up with confidence & excitement to win each day instead of buying time until the weekend.
-imagine having the financial freedom to live a life of abundance, not running out of money before running out of month.
-imagine your family knowing you will do anything for them & finally shedding the toxic people that are holding you back
We do this by the focusing on following The Code & The 4 anchors of freedom… fire, fitness, finances & family.

Once all 4 anchors are in the water is when your life begins to change and you truly begin to let the Hero that lives inside of you emerge. But first you need to get real with yourself.

What does your life look like right now? For a lot of us it's a shitshow. We hate the body we have. We are living paycheck to paycheck & running out of money before running out of month. We are depressed, have no confidence, and have no meaning. Our home life is unravelling, we don't connect with our spouse or kids and the people we surround ourselves with aren't winners. We are simply existing but feel like we are being called for something more.

The truth is we all have the power to build the life of our dreams and let the Hero we envisioned ourself becoming come to the surface. To be a great father/mother or husband/wife. To make more money. To build the body that turns heads and to have confidence where ever you go. The problem is people have no clue how to actually change. We have maps for everything, yet there is no map on how you should actually live your life. How to win. How to grow. How to succeed. How to make the time on this spinning rock valuable and full of meaning. The Hero's Journey is your map for the rest of your life. 

- Fire -

Your soul. This is what gives your life meaning, your purpose, your calling, the fire in your belly, this is what drives you. When was the last time you tapped into something greater than yourself and found your true calling?

- Family -

When was your last date night with your spouse? When was the last time you took the kids for a fun weekend away? When was the last time you put your phone away and gave them 100% attention? Are you present when you are home, or simply in the background? Who is in your circle that is influencing you? Are you surrounded by 2's when you want to become a 10?

- Fitness -

Our bodies are a reflection of our life choices. Could you proudly walk outside in a swimsuit right now and know you look damn good. Imagine wanting to look in the mirror each morning. Imagine being proud of your body instead of wanting to hide it. Imagine opening up your drawer or closet and being able to wear anything you want. Are you comfortable in your own skin?

- Finances -

Are you running out of money before you are running out of month? Is every month stressful or a guessing game to pay your bills on time? Is your business struggling? Do you want to start a side hustle but are scared? Are YOU the thing that is holding YOU back from growing financially?

The truth is, for the majority of my life I had no code to follow. I was flying by the seam of my pants with absolutely no direction in my life. I've spent time in a holding cell in my 20's, I've partied every single weekend, I've had to return cans and coins for gas money, I've gained 20+ lbs in 6 months after having our daughter, my wife & I have been at each others throats for months on end.

The more bitter I was about being stuck or not improving my situation, the worse my situation became until it hit a boiling point.

On paper everything looked great, we just had a baby, opened another gym, bought a house...but I had zero balance in my life, me and my wife were still fighting and stressed out. We had just sunk a bunch of money into opening a second gym, just had our first daughter. I was barely sleeping, working all the time, still out of shape. At this point I had zero anchors in the water, I was just trying to survive and stay above water, but the truth is every aspect of my life was chaos and I was out of shape, lost, frustrated, emotionally exhausted and scared.
I had to let my Hero emerge.

I wanted an amazing marriage, I wanted to be an outstanding father, I wanted a successful business, I wanted (and needed) more money, I wanted to be in amazing shape, I wanted confidence. To do that I had to bury the current version of myself and build the Hero version of myself.

That required cutting out a lot of bullshit.

"How the hell do I balance all of this and create an amazing life for myself and my family?"

See, it's really hard to bring your A-game to work, when your out of shape...When you don't bring your A-game to work you aren't making money...When you're not making money that causes stress in your home...When there's stress in your home that leads to being absent, depressed and unfulfilled...When you're unfulfilled you don't feel the need to take care of yourself.

You can see how this viscous cycle plays out. You bury yourself deeper and deeper until the real you is gone.
Are you able to find some similarities in this story? Maybe this is where you are or who you are currently?
The truth is that the past 5 years of my life have been the absolute best 5 years of my entire life. I am busier than I have ever been, but I have more meaning, more clarity, more free time and less stress than I have ever had. I cut out all the bullshit that wasn't serving a purpose. This didn’t happen by accident. Every single day and every single action of each day is intentional. There is no more wasted time unless I actually plan to waste some time.
At 37, married with 2 kids, and 2 gyms I am in the best shape of my entire life. I have enough energy to wake up at 4:30AM, go to work, head home to get the kids ready for school, hit the gym, pick them up from school, and finish out my day at work and be home between 6:30-7pm. That’s superhero levels of energy! The difference now is that I know there is not a finish line. There's no going backwards. I’m not just trying to workout to achieve a result and stopping and gaining 20lbs. I want to feel like this for life and most importantly be someone that my family can look up to and not another source of stress or uncertainty.

I am able to structure my days so there is no wasted time. Even resting or taking a nap is accounted for each day. If something is going to take away from following The Code or my 4 Freedom Anchors, I simply don’t let it in my space.
Date nights have replaced sitting in a bar, waking up with purpose has replaced sleeping in, family vacations have replaced blowing money on bullshit, exercise has replaced binge watching Netflix for 4 hours.

After all this and over a decade coaching, I've realized that the majority of people are stuck or lost like I used to be. Maybe their fitness anchor is ok, but they are broke as hell, their business is suffering, they have no meaning, and their spouse is on completely different wavelengths from them.

If you are here that means you likely want more from yourself, something is clawing at you to get out or emerge and 'm going to show you exactly how to build your Hero. I'm going to give YOU the formula that I have learned from my mentors, coaches, failures, successes, millionaires, and soon to be billionaires so YOU can unlock your full potential and let the Hero that has been sitting dormant inside of you just like it was for me finally out..

Fat to Ripped.
Broke to Abundant.
Depressed & Scared to Confident & Excited
Surround by Losers to Surrounded by Winners

YOU can have it all, YOU just have to do the work.

What is included if I join?

I’m not going to sugar coat it. This isn’t a magic pill. If you are expecting an overnight success, that sort of thinking is likely what got you in the current situation in the first place. This isn’t a change in 24 hours overnight program. You will need to do the work. I will give you the roadmap to success, but that map is absolutely useless if you don’t follow it or take action. This laser focused path to success with your fitness, finances, fire, and family.

Inside The Hero's Jurney group you will receive:
  • Live 60-90 minute weekly group calls with a different focal point each week: fitness, finances, fire, and family. Live Q & A during each broadcast to answer your questions and help you grow in real time. As well as links to following The Code & The 4 Freedom Anchor Training Modules.
  • The secret sauce: Unlimited access to a group of badasses who are on the exact same journey as you. Imagine being surrounded by winners pushing to unlock their Hero just like you are who are there to push each other, celebrate each others victories, grow financially, share ideas. Image surrounding yourself with a bunch of 8s, 9s, and 10s instead of 0s, 1s and 2s.
  • Learn from my very own coaches and mentors. I spend thousands of dollars each year on my own growth and development so that I continue to improve each year. Learn from my business, my mistakes, mindset and fitness coaches and mentors as I share those lessons with you. Some of these coaches charge upwards of tens of thousands of dollars for 1 on 1 coaching and are now multi-millionaires and I'm sharing it all with you.

 Who is this for?

The Hero's Journey is for those people that know they are capable of more, capable of greatness, but are lost and for whatever reason aren’t reaching their full potential. They are simply going through the motions of life. Their lack of confidence is holding them back from truly achieving an amazing life and because of this they have a life of mediocrity. They view happiness, success, or being healthy as something they can never achieve on their own and don't know where to turn.

 Why The Hero's Journey?

My goal and everyone’s in this group is for you to become the Hero you promised yourself and your family. The problem is most people are setup for failure and it is becoming harder and harder to win if you don’t have the right people in your corner. I have experienced the highest of highs to the absolute lowest of lows and everywhere in between. We will focus on the 4 anchors of freedom so that you can build a rock solid foundation to build your life upon and constantly grow, improve and level up.

 More Questions?

If you have any more questions feel free to send an email to and Ill answer them in 24-48 hours or sooner.

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